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The Screamin Sam Show - 07-17-12

The Screamin Sam Show - 07-17-12

Bill Kinison, Bertha Bangers
Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Duration: 1:27:28
300 Kids Trash Walmart "Flash Rob" And Berha Bangers And Her "Revelations from the Porta Potty of Prayer" and about her new movie Religitol and Another Heated Politic Segment with Bill Kinison and Bud, so click that button and check it out.

The Screamin Sam Show - 07-10-12

The Screamin Sam Show - 07-10-12

Odd Man, Bertha Bangers, Officer Todd, Bill Kinison
Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Duration: 1:49:35
What a Funny show folks we first Interview a Internet Radio DJ “The Odd Man” from listen to the great and funny things that Odd has to talk about, the We finally get our Questions answered by Officer Todd, on How far can we go on correcting our Kids, like Stunn Gunns, Paint Balls, Shock Collers, You get the picture, listen to what Officer Todd tells us, And Bertha Bangers pluging her new movie coming out soon And Her "Revelations from the Porta Potty of Prayer" Funny, and Listen to what we do to the one and only Bill Kinison, it was so funny we almost Pissed ourselves, Bill is Funny as always, People told us this was one of the fuuniest shows Ever, so check it out, just click and listen...

The Screamin Sam Show - 07-03-12

The Screamin Sam Show - 07-03-12

Brandie May, Bertha Baners, Bill Kinison
Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Duration: 1:41:17
Dont miss our interview with Ex Porn Star, Hot Brandie May talk about What She has been up to now dayz its really hot guys, and Bertha Bangers And Her "Revelations from the Porta Potty of Prayer" and Bill Kinison Our Big part of the Screamin' Sam Show, We Love That Guy, and thaks to our crew,, just click and listen Folks.......

The Screamin Sam Show - 06-26-12

People Ask us for more of Speech Impediment Man and you got it, with the one and only Bertha Bangers And Her "Revelations from the Porta Potty of Prayer" Funny interview, and Listen to our Wacky Talk about Kids, and what we think we should be able to do with them, (Funny) and Bill Kinison Going off big time ABOUT????? well I guess you got to listen, He calls our Produce a &@&$#@, yes we cant say, one of the best Views on Polictics yet, we got more responces about this show than ever, You have to Check this out. And next week we have X porn Star Brandie Lawson (Brandie May) one of our old Guest and our Co Host Of The Screamin' Sam TV Show, and we have Officer Keith on next week and we want to ask how far we can go on correcting our Kids, like Stunn Gunns, paint balls ect, tune in next week for a Funny Show Folks.

The Screamin Sam Show - 06-12-12

Well Bertha Bangers and her Manager Steve gets screwed over by some B%tch Darlene, Who was suppose to Back them up on there Movie Religitol, Backs out the Last minute, and screws up everyones plans here in Tampa, Listen how we Slam Her, and also check out Speech Impediment Man and Bertha Talk about the Movie being Filmed on there end,(THE SHOW GOES ON)and Guest Deacon Wannabe and His impression of Richard Prior, Was it better than WaterBoys? and find out what Bill Kinison has to say about it, Thanks to WldMan Vince, Bud, and Screamin' Sam plus Bill Kinison was off the hook He was soo sooo funny check it out folks, it will keep you laughing.

The Screamin Sam Show - 06-05-12

Check out the Wacky Show tonight, With The Screamin' Sam crew, WaterBoy back telling the News? Is it Funny? Find out for yourself, Waterboy tells a Joke? Is it Funny? What do you think? Check it out, also Wildman Vince and his Wacked out Stories, And check out Bertha Bangers, and Find out Whats up about Her Movie Religitol, Bertha will be Filming in Tampa Next week with the Screamin' Sam Crew and will be Live on the Radio Show,, Thats Next Tuesday at 7pm, also lets not forget Bud and Screamin' Sam, OK we will, They are always Funny, plus check out our new Deal on the Show with The Call ins from you the Listener, Check out the New Yorker who called the show last night, and what He says about the Show. Great show Folks!

The Screamin Sam Show - 05-29-12

The LIVE Show without The one and only WaterBoy or What Bill Kinison would call him WaterHeadBoy, Listen to his replcemint for the night Vicious Vic, You got to check out this show, and Bertha Bangers and the Sick things she Says on the Show, and Whats that she was Doing on the show? Check it out folks,, and Bill Kinison Funny as Always, check out The Story's Bill tells us, and the wacky things that Wildman Vince Asks Bill, out of controll, and also check out Red Haze Fog Hat, the Preacher Man ask for your Dollars, this is a funny show don't miss it Folks....

The Screamin Sam Show - 05-22-12

Another great Show and Guest, Barry-Whitehouse World-According To Barry, A Rodney Dangerfield Impersonator, listen to this Great Interview and see if Barry gets any Respect,,, and check out the story that Bill Kinison told us about our show and the People who are Listening, Its a Great Story, and Bill talks about his Friend Rodney Dangerfield, and also his changed life as a Pap Pap, Funny and Great show folks.

The Screamin Sam Show - 05-15-12

Duration: 94:01
Once Again, Another Great show from the Crew of the Screamin' Sam Show with Guest J. Handy From eXXXotica South Florida "THE LARGEST EVENT IN THE USA DEDICATED TO LOVE & SEX" in Miami Fl. J. Talks about all the fun we will be having this year while Screamin' Sam's crew is there Covering the Event with their 2 new 3D Hi DEF Camera's. Then our Impersonation contest of Speech Impediment Man From the Howard Stern Show, Listen While Steve , Bertha Banger’s Manager, and Screamin' Sam battle it out… WHO SOUNDS MORE LIKE SIM MAN? Speech Impediment Man judges live on the show and its funny! Find out who Wins. Thanks to our Crew: Screamin' Sam, Bill Kinison, Bud Ecstasy, Wildman Vince, And WaterBoy and Guests: J. Handy from eXXXotica, Bertha Banger’s Manager “Steve”, and regular guest SIM(Speech Impediment Man)

eXXXotica South Florida is Coming Back in 2013!!!

2013 eXXXotica South Florida will be held May 31st to June 2nd in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Visit South Florida Website and Get Tickets:

Exxxotica Atlantic City and Chicago:


Last Years Photos:

3D Interviews From Last Years eXXXotica: ScreaminSam 3D YouTube

(Please note most of our 3D interviews were too explicit for youtube.)

2D Interviews From Previous Years' eXXXoticas: ScreaminSam YouTube

News on AVN: "Screamin’ Sam Show Leaps into 3D With Exxxotica Miami Beach Coverage"

The Screamin Sam Show - 05-08-12

Bill Kinison Writes: At 4:52 this morning...God sent angel to our family...her name is Scarlett Rose and she weighed 5 pounds 14 ounces and was 18 inches long...This is Sherry and I first grandchild...Ginger is doing fine but it wasn't easy...we love her, Micah and Scarlett soooo much! Oh...Scarlett is beautiful!!!! Congrats and We Love You Pap Pap Bill Kinison from your crew at the Show............. The Screamin' Sam Show with Guest for the Second time Radio Disc Jocky Billy Bezoni, What an Interview, He talks His Last job, what a Funny funny interview that was, And Bertha Going CRAZY ON WILDMAN VINCE? Gotta catch that one Folks, and Thanks to our Crew: Screamin' Sam, Bill Kinison, Bud, Wildmam Vince, Bertha Bangers, And WaterBoy. So tune in and Listen.

The Screamin Sam Show - 05-01-12

Well Last Night 05/01/12 was the night Folks, the Battle of the Bill kinisin Sound Alike, Who's it going to be? ScreaminSam? Bertha Bangers Manager Steve? Who is Waterboy going to vote for? oh did I mention, Bill Kinison Himself was on the phone while this Mess is Happening lol, The Results are in, BUT, you have to listen to find out who Won, Who did WaterBoy Vote for? It a funny show, dont miss it Folks Thanks to our Crew: Screamin' Sam, Bill Kinison, Bud, Wildmam Vince, Bertha Bangers, And WaterBoy

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