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The Screamin Sam Show 02/05/13

with Pshymon Jerusalem, Conor Coxxx, Addie Juniper, Dakota Charms, and Shelby Paige
Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Author: Date: Wednesday, 13 February 2013 Duration: 1:21:18
WARNING: Thats wright Guys WARNING, This show may get you Excited, What A hot show it was a 5 way Action, On location Downtown Tampa, with some of the Hottest Starz, To much to list SEX, SEX AND MORE SEX, oh and plus some comedy, Listen while We try to inform you of whats Happening its Fun and Oh well you got to listen I Guess, Hot Starz like Addie Juniper, Dakota Charms Shelby Paige, Conor Coxxxm and the One and only Pshymon Jerusalem, also shot with our 3-D Camera's for our Site and our Site so Check it out you wont Regret it Folks, Special thanks to Yakoff (Guest DJ) and the Screamin' Sam Crew for there hard Work...

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