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The Screamin Sam Show - 04-03-12

Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Author: Richard Pryor Jr., Bill Kinison, Bertha Bangers Date: Wednesday, 04 April 2012 Duration: 90:13
<a href=""> <img src=""></a> <BR><BR> Speacial Guest Actor, Singer, Producer, Richard Pryor Jr. And Bill Kinison on a very Special Interview on Whats Happening with Richards Pryor Jr.s Life and Long time Friendship with the Kinisons, plus listen to Waterboy Impersonate Richard Pryor The Comedian and get Judged by Richard Pryor Jr. and Bill Kinison. and listen to them Rip Waterboy apart, Funny Stuff, Then back on Earth from being Abducted by Aliens is Bertha Bangers with her "Revelations from the Porta Potty of Prayer" Funny as allways and a call in from one of our fans Shirlee Newman, and Check out Screamin' Sam and Wildman Vince try to do the show Mainstream Can they do it? and how long can they last? check it out for yourself folks and have Fun.

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