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The Screamin Sam Show - 04-17-12

The Screamin' Sam Show
Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Author: The Screamin' Sam Show with Speech Impediment Man, Bill Kinison, Bertha Bangers, And Tom Speech Patholigist Date: Wednesday, 18 April 2012 Duration: 99:44
"In Memory of Dave Duffy" What can I say, What a Show, We had Speech Impediment Man, A regular Guest from the Howard Stern Show, We get him all Riled up When We bring on a Speech Therapist Tom to Discuss His Conditions, also Bertha Bangers added to the Mix (FUNNY) And the Latest Member of our crew Bill Kinison, He is the Best, and Funny, We Love the Guy, Its a must You check out this Show ahhhh AHHHHHHHH

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