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The Screamin Sam Show - 04-24-12

The Screamin' Sam Show
Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Author: The Screamin' Sam Show with Catherine Foxx Bill Kinison Bertha Bangers Date: Wednesday, 25 April 2012 Duration: 101:15
The Screamin' Sam Show with Catherine Fox, Professional Model, plus Acting, and Dom Chick, and the List goes on, Listen to What Else this Hot chick does, and listen to Bertha Bangers New Song (Bertha and her manager had to cancel tonites shoe (WINK, WINK) We think they chickened out from the contest, and Bill Kinison, was so funny we couldn't stop Laughing, We asked Bill Why do you like being a part of our show? Find out what Bill says, funny show folks dont miss it.

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