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The Screamin Sam Show 05/28/13

Contraversial Show, with Bill Kinison, S.I.M. Meatball
Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Author: Date: Wednesday, 29 May 2013 Duration: 1:28:04
This week's show was focus on the last show we had... Screamin' Sam's most contraversial show ever... Has Screamin' Sam crossed the line??? What do you think? Tune in and Linsten for the official debate with, Bill Kinison, Speech Impedement Man, and a great Fan Meatball as they all gave there opinion to try and help shape the future of The Screamin' Sam Show. and Screamin' Sam tells how he was Attacked By Fans, Friends, and Family, and Does He step down from the Porn???? Listen and find out, Great, Shocking, Show, you don't want to miss.

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