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The Screamin Sam Show 11/20/12

With Catherine Foxx, Courtney Camron, Michelle Maverick, Piper, and S.I.M
Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Author: Date: Monday, 26 November 2012 Duration: 1:38:21
Tuesday Night was a Great show out on-location with Catherine Foxx at her studio "The Foxx Office". This sexy red head is a Professional Model, Actress, Fetish Star, and Producer who's been on our show before, but since this time we were on location, things got a lot hotter! Catherine Foxx Invited 3 Friends to "The Foxx Office" including Courtney Cameron, Michelle Maverick and another hot redhed Piper! 4 HOT HOT Chicks, and the night was nothing but exciting and hot, from Balloon Popping to Foot Fetish, Making out and more! We can't give it all away so you'll have to listen for yourself folks and check out the surprize talent that Catherine Foxx has for you to listen to... It will Blow your Mind! Special thanks to Speech Impediment Man and Our Fans From Pittsburgh Maddog and MeatBall for calling in during the show. To sum it all up... A Fantastic Show Folks. See more of Catherine Foxx at her website:

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