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The Screamin Sam Show 05/07/13

Screamin' Sam's most contraversial show ever... Has Screamin' Sam crossed the line??? Please note Alyssa Hart is of legal age and is an adult and Screamin' Sam is strongly against underage pornography and the exploitation of minors.

Alyssa Hart is one of the most popular up and coming Fetish and Adult stars and our producer Bud Ecstasy felt that this is something we should explore on this show. What do you think? Tune in Tuesday, May 28, 2013 for the official debate and your chance to call in to give your opinion and help shape the future of The Screamin' Sam Show.

The Screamin Sam Show 05/07/13

With Alyssa Hart and We Cut down on Spice Boy on 102.5 The Bone
Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Duration: 1:25:54
This week’s guest was Alyssa Hart, The Youngest looking girl in Fetish and Porn! We met Alyssa at Fetishcon last year and since putting up the pictures in our photo gallery we've had an overwhelming response and numerous requests for her to be on the show. You asked for it and we're giving it to you, LIVE. What a great Interview, Listen to how Alyssa’s porn career got exposed from the photo gallery (only on The Screamin' Sam Show). We also discuss Alyssa’s latest 3D project with this the most extreme project Alyssa has ever done, and she does it 8 months pregnant! Be sure to Follow Alyssa Hart on Twitter for all her latest releases: @AlyssaHartXXX.------------------------------------ And check out what happens when our very own man Wildman Vince tries to call into The Spice Boy Show(the worst show ever) on 102.5 The Bone and how they disrespected our boy Vince calling him a him a Douch Bag without even giving him a chance to act like one! Listen as we cut down this Ass Wipe “Spice boy” and call you to action against this piece of shit and his horrible show, You will Enjoy this Podcast so check it out!!!

Follow Alyssa Hart on Twitter for all her latest releases: @AlyssaHartXXX

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